Friday, May 04, 2007

Keeping Mum

“Oh mum, please stop talking about your sex life,” trumpeted Sophie Parkin, daughter of Molly, in the Daily Mail on 3 May, complaining about a lifetime suffering the “sometimes hilarious humiliation of an outrageous and alcoholic mother's behaviour.” “I understand that my parents' generation were liberated by the revolutionary attitude of the Sixties, but do we really have to discuss everything in lurid detail?” she asked. “Aren't we allowed to keep anything intimate, and therefore special?”

Could this by any chance be the same Sophie Parkin who penned an excoriating 2000-word expose of her teenage daughter’s best friend, Peaches Geldof, for the Mail in May 2005, revealing details of overheard conversations between the girls, bedding arrangements during sleepovers and the relationship between the 16-year-old and her stepmother? It surely could.

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