Friday, September 28, 2007

If you can't say nothing nice...

In the effort to get my review of Radio One at 40 down to 835 words for this week's Eye, I did the usual trick of stripping out the positive stuff (but if you look carefully, there are some words of praise for Chris Moyles and Tim Westwood in there. I know, I susprised myself.)

So here is a para that fell by the wayside, but I think bears saying:

And what of the things Radio One does that no-one else does – that public service remit that saves them from privatisation? Newsbeat is astutely pitched to its audience, offering a squaddie’s-eye-view of events in Iraq, and unsnobbishly happy to put football at the top of the running order in the knowledge that if their listeners ever bother to pick up a newspaper, most will start at the back.

Oh, and I got quite huffy about the poster on Digital Spy who pointed out that "all the writers on Private Eye are double the age of the target audience - of course they're not going to like it" - until I did the maths and realised that 15+15=30, and I've got two years on that.

Oh well, the pseudonym was supposed to be ironic anyway.

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