Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Well done to the Mirror for their corking "Cameron quaffs champagne as babies die" front page scoop this morning.

I bet Fraser Nelson is kicking himself. He could have saved a fortune - apparently, Tesco champers is just as good:

ALL along, I've felt Tesco champagne was special.
I do drink it but - ridiculously - I never serve it at dinner or lunch parties (I'm not really a snob, am I?) Quite honestly, it seemed a cheapskate thing to do. How foolish.

Instead, I stick to Dom Perignon at around £65 a bottle, Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame (about £100), or, my real favourite, Roederer Cristal (£125 for 75cl).

When entertaining mates, particularly ill-educated journos whose ignorance of the finer things in life is often deplorable, I serve NV champagne, although, naturally, it needs to be one of the grand marques.

Now, for £14.79, I can quaff a champagne guaranteed not to make me sick or, as important, penniless.

Truly, a fizz for the poor. They should sell it in magnums.

Says who? James Whitaker, writing in the Mirror in September 2005. The picture byline on his weekly column used to show him toasting the readers with a glass of bubbly. I bet they're glad he's retired now.

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