Saturday, December 09, 2006

Killer lies

I think this was probably the most downright irresponsible story the Sun have printed since Kelvin MacKenzie's famous "straight sex cannot give you Aids: Official" front page back in the 80s. Christ, they make me cross sometimes.

From the current Eye:

"KILLER PLAGUES" screamed the Sun over a calm and rational editorial on the "migrants' Aids epidemic threat" to Britian.

"The problem is set to hit crisis point when Romania and Bulgaria - nations with some of Europe's highest Aids rates - join the EU next year. Workers from these countries are expected to flood into Britain," the paper warned.

According to the latest statistics released by the Joint United Nations project on HIV/Aids, the estimated adult HIV prevalence in both Bulgaria and Romania is less than 0.1% - the lowest rate recorded anywhere in Europe and Central Asia. While there are currently 59,000 HIV-positive residents of the UK, the number of Bulgarians living with HIV is estimated at "less than 500".

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