Saturday, December 09, 2006

The perfect Christmas present for Dads

Two years ago I wrote a book.

It's the biography of a Victorian businessman (the founder of Lever Brothers, later Unilever), but don't let that put you off. He was barking mad, slept in an open air bedroom, had flamingoes and zebras in his garden, locked his diabetic brother in a madhouse, went surfing in Hawaii in 1892, forced his employees to take lessons in latin and housewifery and do gymnastics and sacked them if they had "a wife of objectionable habits." The Mail on Sunday said it was "wonderfully entertaining", Waterstones said it was "joyously funny", and the first nob joke is on page 9.

Click on the title above to read some of the other things nice people wrote about it when it came out. And then click on the link on that page to buy a copy, and Amazon guarantee to deliver it in time for Christmas. It's ideal for dads, or even brothers-in-law. Much better than anything golf-themed from Marks & Spencer.

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