Friday, February 09, 2007

Bother (big)

So the Sun have settled with Makosi Musambasi over destroying her chance of winning Big Brother two years ago. Which means its a shame Ian H didn't manage to include this story in the last Eye - although admittedly, he did fill an entire page with my Big Brother ramblings, so I can't exactly complain. I only really liked it for her Miss World-esque announcement in the first para anyway...

An unexpected outburst of altruism in the Sun, with the news that “Big Brother star Makosi is launching her own charity to help the poverty stricken children of Africa”. “I want to address and eradicate the causes of poverty and Aids problems,” announced the woman who came third in the 2005 series of the reality show.

“Recently it became clear that she had been wrongly accused of bypassing the audition process for the show,” the paper noted. “A published invoice that appeared to be for an audition video from a talent agency to Big Brother was actually unrelated to her.”

Presumably it was lack of space which prevented hackette Antonella Lazzeri from recording where this calumny appeared – the front page of the Sun on the day before the series finale, beneath the headline “BIG CON”. “Viewers who pay to vote for their favourites have a right to feel aggrieved – and her opponents have every right to be furious”, stormed the paper in an article published which destroyed any chance the 24-year-old had of winning the show’s £100,000 prize.

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