Sunday, June 10, 2007

Keep it Local

This week's Hastings and St Leonards Observer - a newspaper so carefully put together that it actually features the headline "Children's Minister praises youth proj-" - features a letter from one Jeremy Wells, of South Street, St Leonards, which provides the finest piece of ammunition against the environmental lobby since Tom Utley noted in the Daily Mail that when the ice in his G&T melted, it didn't overflow, so we'd all be fine come the end of the polar ice caps.

"On Friday I bought a packet of kipper fillets from the Co-Op store in London Road, St Leonards. Imagine my astonishment when, upon opening the pack, I discovered that it contained not the normal two fillets but THREE of them.

So much for all those doom-and-gloom marine biologists who keep telling us that fish stocks are dangerously low due to man's incessant plundering of the oceans. I think my experience gives the lie to that line of eco-propaganda!"

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