Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hey, hey, Gerard Way, how many kids have(n't) you killed today?

From Media Guardian:

Hundreds of black-clad fans of "emo" band My Chemical Romance are planning to march on the Daily Mail's headquarters in Kensington, London, to protest at what they see as an unjustified media attack on the group and its fans.

The fans, furious at a string of articles that they claim wrongly portray followers of the emo youth tribe as a "suicide cult", plan to stage a peaceful protest outside Northcliffe House on May 31.

Organisers said yesterday that they had already signed up 300 protesters and hoped to at least double that. They urged protesters to be polite and pick up their litter.

Likely outcome? Several image-spoiling cases of sunburn and a couple of sub-editors on their way to get a sandwich saying "ooh, look, Goths; bless."

Of course I could be wrong. Fond tales are still told in Northcliffe House of the time the Lesbian Avengers got all the way to the atrium, and Sir David English insisted on dyke-deflecting turnstiles being installed at the bottom of the escalators...


Louise said...

Upsettingly, they're doing it on a Saturday, so there will hardly be anybody in the building.

And if they're particularly unlucky, a few Goths might get conscripted to help sub the Mail on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

i love mcr they are not a suicide cult and their not fuckin emo thats so dumb they save fuckin lives they saved me!! and ya ppl call me emo but whatever it don't matter