Thursday, June 04, 2009

Spin-doctoring. Literally.

So, having watched this:

a piece of footage at which it is impossible, whatever your political leanings, not to laugh - the only possible way Gordon Brown can revive any popularity becomes clear.

More pratfalls.

Take that "Stalin to Mr Bean" image and run with it. He's got the awkward body language and crazy smiles already. Strapping on a pair of roller-skates and doing this down Downing Street and across Westminster Bridge would buy him at least, ooh, three days more in Number 10...

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Bangkok Expat Mama said...

"Very refreshing", indeed. Bojo takes shambolic to new depths.

Perhaps someone should pose the rollerskating suggestion to 10 Downing Street via Twitter, as I'm sure the PM keeps close tabs on Tweets. (Not.)

These vids sure were good for a giggle! Cheers for posting them.