Friday, July 31, 2009

Your Friday treat

Reasons Bookseller Crow is the best bookshop in the world:

1) A former member of Crass worked there*, and once recommended me a nice campsite in the Lake District. This replaced once having been given a bottle of Blue Nun by Jeremy Paxman as my favourite claim to fame.

2) They're offering this special promotion to anyone who pre-orders the new Dan Brown book as a gift.

Have a good weekend.

* (she might still do: I moved out of Crystal Palace a few years back and haven't seen her since)


Freelance Unbound said...

Eve or Joy?

JonathanM said...

Bloody hell. Shit. Thanks for that, that's really special, and I mean it.

Joy doesn't work here anymore, but we are still good friends and I'll pass on what you said.

The Bookseller Crow

JonathanM said...

Also, don't know if you know about the campaign to fight off a church and get a cinema in Crystal Palace at the old Gala bingo hall, but maybe it might be something you would want to cover.