Tuesday, October 03, 2006

360-degree Cherie

From the current Eye, 1168:

"This year I have seen something in our conference coverage that was unique and exciting," gushed Guardian bigwig Emily Bell in her column on 23 September, enthusing over the experimental techniques of photographer Dan Chung, whose 360-degree panoramics of events in Brighton and Manchester are displayed on the paper's website.
"Dan is one of what I hope will be a growing number of journalists who will push the boundaries of what new technologies can add to journalism and storytelling."
Sadly, Chung is not quite so appreciative of his employer's efforts. Setting up his hi-tech camera to snap Cherie Blair in the round in Manchester on Sunday, he was asked by the prime minister's wie if he was getting paid extra for his efforts. "No," replied the disgruntled snapper. "We're all going on strike."
Indeed, Guardian staff are currently threatening industrial action over, among other things, the fact that staff working in new technologies get paid considerably less than their colleagues on the paper!

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