Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The news, before it happens

"Shop Your Children, Says Reid", was freesheet thelondonpaper's front-page splash last Wednesday, over news that the home secretary had addressed a meeting in Leyton, east London.
"Reid faced fierce criticism from the audience on the government's actions in Iraq," revealed hack Eugene Henderson. "But he rejected suggestions that British foreign policy was to blame or the 7 July bombings."
Curiously, the paper made no mention of the event that led most of that evening's news bulletins and featured heavily in the following day's papers, the heckling and subsequent expulsion from the meeting of radical activist Abu Izadeen, who demanded of Mr Reid: "How dare you come to a Muslim area?"
Perhaps Henderson hadn't noticed - hardly surprising, since in order to meet his paper's deadline, he wrote his thorough piece covering the question and answer session long before the home secretary had even set off for Leyton. Just the sort of hard-hitting investigative work we can look forward to more of in the age of the freebie!

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