Friday, October 27, 2006

Oldies and goldies...

From the front page (which, wierdly, isn't at the front due to a very odd page plan) of the latest Private Eye, no. 1170:

“We have to change our approach and our attitude and our behaviour towards older people in order to reap the benefits of an older and more mature society,” announced Tory leader David Cameron. Attempts to “airbrush the elderly out of the picture” were, he declared, “a national tragedy.”
Those with still-functioning memories might recall that one of Cameron’s first acts when he became leader was to dispense with the services of sexagenarians Sir Malcolm Rifkind, Tim Yeo, Maurice Saatchi and Michael Ancram, leaving only one member of his shadow cabinet, 69-year-old Lords chief whip Lord Cope of Berkley, within striking distance of the legal retirement age.
Out of his 24 shadow cabinet colleagues, only six are over 50. And the majority of candidates on the A-list – chosen to “make the party more representative of modern Britain” – are in their 30s and 40s.

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