Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Are you ready for me, lassie?

This from the Eprhaim Hardcastle column in this morning's Daily Mail:

Now Evan Davies is moving to Radio 4's Today as joint number two with James Naughtie, isn't Newsnight's statuesque Stephanie Flanders an obvious choice to replace him as BBC Economics Correspondent? An unmarried mother who mocks Tory policies on single parents, she excites male viewers who are attracted to stern women. They recall wistfully a recent documentary in which she was filmed cycling from one location to the next. The big economics job might afford a wider range of opportunities to see Steffers at her best.

There's something refreshingly honest about this, isn't there? While other gossip columnists like to pretend they're out till all hours every night partying with the bright young things, Hardcastle editor Peter McKay is quite happy for the world to know that he stops in most nights for a pot noodle and a wank over Newsnight.

Here's his "just before a look at the front pages" face.

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