Monday, November 05, 2007

Kramer v. Defamer

While not restraining from putting the boot into Heather Mills following her attack on the media last week – columnist Amanda Platell responded to accusations of press vindictiveness by calling her deranged and demanding she stop doing charity work because any causes associated with her are “completely contaminated” – the Daily Mail is keeping a weather eye on the McCartney divorce settlement and ensuring her husband also receives a fair division of opprobrium.

“Damning tape recordings. Fits of anger when she walked out for days and dark talk of violence,” a headline in Saturday’s paper solemnly intoned. “No, not Heather ... but Linda. So was Sir Paul's FIRST marriage really such a fairytale?”

Why should anyone think it was? Perhaps because they read a week-long series of articles which appeared after Linda McCartney’s death in April 1998, under the banner “All Our Loving: The Heart-Warming Story of Pop Music’s Most Remarkable Marriage”. Where did this tribute to “the happiest, strongest, most stimulating and faithful marriage” appear? The Daily Mail.

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