Friday, November 30, 2007

... I don't like to mention the Kt., it looks bigheaded

It's not just Norman Baker who likes to show off the letters after his name.

I wouldn't have thought there was much that could make me think less of Sir Ian Blair at this point, but now we learn he signed his letter to Chris Huhne about the Labour donations investigation:

Ian Blair
QPM MA (Oxon)
Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis.

Show off your Queen's Police Medal, fair enough. But one of those Oxbridge MAs you get automatically a few years after finishing your BA degree? (I know. I got mine in 2001. It was a great reunion. We had a disco and everything.)

Actually, the really interesting one to see would be the letter from Chris Huhne to him. How did that one begin?

"Dear Sir Ian. Remember me? I'm one of the ones who's been publicly banging on about how you should resign for the last month. Well, anyway..."

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