Monday, December 17, 2007


Before there was Maddy, there was that other great non-story of 2007: the “murder” of Bob Woolmer. This from Eye 1182:



“Was cricket coach killed by a bookie?” – Evening Standard, 21 March

“Did match fixers want him dead?” – Daily Mail, 22 March

“‘Mafia executed cricket chief Bob’” – Mirror, 22 March

“Yardies fed Bob venom in his bath” – Daily Star, 23 March

“Woolmer strangled by a hitman” – Express, 23 March

“More than one killer was involved” – Times, 23 March

“Did a cricketer kill Woolmer?” – Sunday Express, 25 March

“Al-Qaeda link to Woolmer murder” – Sun, 29 March


“He had suffered a suspected heart attack. There are no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death.” – Daily Mail, 19 March

“Did drink and drugs OD kill coach?” – Evening Standard, 19 March

“World Cup coach was strangled” – Daily Mail, 22 March

“Test ace Bob murdered with snake venom.” – Daily Star, 23 March

“Poisoned dish sent to room” – Sun, 23 March

“Was he REALLY strangled?” – Daily Mail, 31 March

“Cricket legend was killed by drug from ancient plant – cops believe it was sprinkled on his sleeping pills.” – Sunday Mirror, 1 April

“The Pakistan coach slipped in the shower after downing a bottle of whisky” – Express, 2 April

“Squashed carton of mango and carrot juice – did this contain poison?” – Sun, 3 April

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