Thursday, December 13, 2007

More 21st signs that Christmas is approaching

The Sun launches its annual attack on "politically correct Christmas Killjoys".

Remind me, what did James Murdoch, as of last week boss of the Sun, rename the Christmas party when he was in charge of BSkyB?

That's right, the "Winter Party".

Oh, and for the lovely James in the comments below (plug enough for you?), you'll be pleased to know I've just completed my first Daily Star "school bans christmas" deconstruction for next week's Eye...

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Thanks for the plug! Looking forward to reading next week's piece. Christmas is officially here when the front cover of Private Eye advertises the GnomeMart...

That Sun Christmas card was painful. Cuh! Those pesky PC killjoys and their, erm, disabled access and, er, recycling. Reminds me of the cover of Richard Littlejohn's last book (as reviewed brilliantly by Charlie Brooker - not the book, just the cover), which featured a picture of Littlejohn standing in a bewildered palms-to-the-sky pose, surrounded by a recycling bin, a speed camera and the London Eye. What's the world coming to, eh? They expect us to think about our waste, stick to the speed limit AND enjoy trips to popular tourist attractions. Nazis!

Had a fairly heated discussion with my co-presenter on a radio show this week - He insisted 'They're' 'banning Christmas'. He based this on a recent article in the Telegraph, a blustering piece on how Christmas was under threat from 'The PC Brigade'. For all the trademark Telegraph harumphing, the article only actually quoted one piece of evidence; The Birmingham 'Winterval'.

Which happened nine years ago.

Surprisingly he wouldn't be told, and is still convinced that jackbooted officers in hard-hats will be storming his house to confiscate his tree and burn his presents, in case they offend anyone or pose a health and safety risk.

I might do it myself, just to keep him happy.


Adam Macqueen said...

...And, as I recall, wasn't a reference to Christmas anyway. It was a fairly ugly title for a brochure promoting all the public events which the council was putting on over the winter period - everything from Bonfire Night through Divali and Eid celebrations, Christmas (oh yes) and new year of both the British and Chinese varieties.

It's one of the great unwritten rules of journalism that you have to check and verify details, facts and quotes on every story EXCEPT ones which contain the words "political correctness" or "eurocrats", when you're just allowed to make it up off the top of your head. Excellent example of the latter in the Sun yesterday complaining about laws being handed over to "unelected judges in Europe" - as opposed to, er, those British judges we go out and put a ticket in a box for every year, presumably...