Saturday, March 08, 2008

Continuing our occasional series, "Things that are annoying Adam on ITV right now"


Welcome to the Pleasuredome (disturbing picture of Paul Rutherford with his hand down his pants on inner sleeve excluded)

Lexicon of Love.

Tatu's first album.

The Pet Shop Boys' last album.

And now, on Guilty Pleasures, Toby Fucking Anstis is telling me that Trevor Horn is embarrassing?


Jame said...

Don't forget also the brilliant work Horn did producing Belle and Sebastian's 'Dear Catastrophe Waitress' - He was an inspired choice for that album, crafting some of the brightest and most joyous pop songs of the band's career so far.

Still... Toby Chuffing Anstis?!?!?! Last time I saw him on TV, he was an act on Channel Five's 'All-Star Talent Show' (I forget what his talent was, although I doubt I'm alone in saying that). Somewhat brilliantly, the show's host Andi Peters (*cough*) introduced Anstis with the words "We've flown him in tonight, all the way from the early 90's..."

Adam Macqueen said...

He's one of those nano-celebrities you have to really work hard to place, isn't he? Think about him for a few seconds. No, that's Tim Vincent you're picturing. Try again. Nope, that one's Andy Crane...

LF Barfe said...

Nah, cos 'e wore big glasses, dinnee? What's all that about? Smirk, smirk.

That's clip show 101, old son. Person who's not fit to lace x's boots passes glib judgment on x's career. As you say, Trevor Horn's CV - even taking into account the misfires - is the stuff most producers dream of putting their names to.

Something I've never quite been able to work out, though. Did Bruce Woolley and the Camera Club's version of 'Video Killed the Radio Star' predate the Buggles' version?