Monday, July 21, 2008

They're being cleared... now. No... now. No...

"Mr and Mrs McCann's spokesman, Clarence Mitchell, said the couple would not comment in advance of the attorney general's official statement. He added: "Obviously they are aware of numerous reports suggesting that the case is about to be shelved."

And how!

“McCanns ‘will be cleared by Xmas’”
Daily Star, 2 December 2007

“McCanns to be cleared”
Daily Star Sunday, 10 Feb 2008

“The McCanns have cleared their name.”
Times, 20 March

“Cleared: Cops to drop Kate and Gerry arguido claim”
People, 6 April

“McCanns Exclusive: Couple clear”
People, 13 April

“McCanns ‘in clear’”
Mirror, 10 May

“McCanns to be cleared as police close case”
Telegraph, 2 July

“McCanns ‘to be cleared’”
Mirror, 18 July

“Madeleine parents ‘set to be cleared’”
Press Association, 21 July

Personally, I think the whole thing might be the work of the same person that assasinated Bob Woolmer.

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