Friday, December 19, 2008

Everyone shall have a cookie, I've baked extra for the Wookie

Right. Christmas edition of Private Eye went to bed at lunchtime yesterday, so I'm clocking off and hitting the eggnog. Don't expect any more posts until 2009. Thanks to everyone who's dropped by this year, a special shout-out to the recent influx of visitors redirected from David Icke's website (you've made me the happiest lizard on earth), and I'll leave you with your Festive Friday Treat and wish you all a very very happy Life Day (New Liarbore political correctness gone mad etc...)

*note for passing geeks: not only do I know the quote comes from the Christmas in the Stars LP and the video's from the Star Wars Holiday Special, I feel the need to point out my knowledge here. Get over it and go back to searching for unofficial Watchmen trailers...

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