Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Now you don't see it

You know the best thing about the Mail's reaction to what everyone's calling John-Barrowman's-winky-gate?

While Mail editor Paul Dacre was putting this front page together in the office, he actually had his cock out.

Or perhaps he didn't. Maybe he just said he did. Or I said he did to get a cheap laugh. No one knows. No one saw anything.

What we can say with some certainty that he was swearing his head off, because he generally does. Dacre throws around the C-word with such regularity that editorial conferences at the Mail are known as "the Vagina Monlogues".

So will he now offer an unreserved apology to the British public for something that happened during the production of a newspaper they could have (though most of them didn't) read, despite the fact none of them saw (or indeed had any means by which to see) it? And their children? And those children who were only spared the ordeal due to the fact they haven't been born yet?*

It's not often you can invoke the Scissor Sisters to make a valid point about the day's news, but has no-one at the Mail noticed that YOU CAN'T SEE TITS ON THE RADIO?

*(c) Fry and Laurie, circa 1987.

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LF Barfe said...

As far as I'm concerned, 'man claims to expose himself on radio' is not a story. Unless the Daily Mail wants to lobby for the return of theatre censorship, with the Lord Chamberlain's men conducting regular inspections of the theatre of the mind.