Monday, December 15, 2008

And on the fifteenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

... the traditional load of made-up bollocks about political correctness gone mad...

Can anyone spot any evidence anywhere in the Daily Mail's story "Mother told to take down her Christmas lights in case they offend her non-Christian neighbours" that Dorothy Glenn was ever told by anyone to take her Christmas lights down?

A plump plum pudding to the first enterprising hack who manages a festive recycling of the old "Hot Cross Buns without crosses" bit of nonsense as "Now they won't let us call them Mince Pies in case it offends the gays"...

But it's traditional!


Shaun said...

"We have received no complaint about this alleged incident,"

Course not. Sachsgate proved you must cut out the middle-man and take your complaint straight to Dacre, the Cuntmissioner of Ofmoan.

James said...

The hits just keep coming... Here's a great War-on-Christmas-ish story from today's Mail.

The headline: 'After 130 years of fundraising, Sally Army told to stop rattling collecting tins because it might 'offend other religions''.

And the evidence?

'Tony Keywood was among a crowd enjoying the carols and stepped forward to make a donation.
'I jokingly told them off for not shaking their tins,' said Mr Keywood. 'They said they weren't allowed to do that in case it caused offence to other religions.'

This is followed up with 'A Salvation Army source said: "Some authorities specifically ask us not to shake our tins. It is seen as harassment, or making people feel uncomfortable. I don't think it's to do with other religions."

So... The Daily Mail are now basing headlines on what some chap in a shopping centre says he was told by some other chap in a shopping centre, even though if that chap did say what the first chap claimed he'd said, he was clearly talking rubbish according to a spokeschap who probably knows what he's talking about.

Anyway, I thought everyone knew about the 'No rattling collection tins' rule? It's one of those dreary facts that people like to spout from time to time, like the one about a sneeze being one eighth of an orgasm.