Wednesday, September 23, 2009

and now Collaterlie Sisters with a look at the Finance Arse

Someone in the Sun's graphics department is clearly a Chris Morris fan.



Bangkok Expat Mama said...

Most paedos are men, so why does the jigsaw-puzzle background of that graphic feature a woman's face, a face that belongs on the cover of an angsty '60s folk music LP?

And did that paedo parody documentary do Chris Morris in? I've heard nothing of him in years. Maybe it's more to do with my limited exposure to UK media than to how prolific or not he's been.

Lastly, why on earth do some rags such as the Sun feel compelled to run that heartbreaking photo of the late Baby Peter over and over and over and over and over again?!?! It's becoming a running gag a la Madeleine McCann headlines but unlike the Eye's Andrew Neil vest photo...its excessive recurrence is fucking NOT funny!

Adam Macqueen said...

Re Chris Morris: I heard some very pleasing news about his latest project just yesterday - we should be seeing more from him very soon...

With you on the Baby P photo, by the way. It's become like some of the Twin Towers footage - useful visual shorthand for editors who no longer notice or consider what it actually depicts.

Bangkok Expat Mama said...


But I'm delighted, nearly as much as Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling would be, to hear that Chris Morris is cooking up something new to amuse and confound us.