Friday, September 11, 2009

Billy no-mates

So we all know the most popular e-petition on the Downing Street website is the one calling on the prime minister to resign, which 70,770 prime tits have signed while LOLing nearly as much as they did when they wrote 'Jedi' on their census forms eight years ago. And then went back to scattering exclamation marks liberally around their lives in an attempt to mask the pervading odour of wet dog and regret.

But what about the other end of the scale, the deeply-affronted who can't persuade one single person to empathise with them?

While Professor Robin Marshall FFS (shurely FRS?) must have been spitting into his Full English this morning, the one I really feel sorry for is Richard Harrold. Do you think it will take him till 5 June 2010 to realise that no one else out there in the world thinks it would be a good idea to let him shag his auntie?

Arming Scouts though, that I could go for...


Stephen Buckley said...

Regarding the subject of Mr Harrold's petition and your comment that "no one else out there in the world thinks it would be a good idea ...": so you don't know anybody from the Forest of Dean then?

countdruncula said...

Well, it's either his auntie, or he has a hot niece - dirty sod!