Thursday, April 26, 2007

Daily Mail "damages your health"

from the new Eye

“DIETS DAMAGE YOUR HEALTH” shrieked the front page of the Daily Mail on 10 April, over the alarming news that “the world’s largest study of weight loss has shown that diets do not work for the vast majority of slimmers and may even put lives at risk.”

Where better for this news to be revealed than in the paper that has serialised Jo Wood’s organic diet (January 2007), The GI Bikini Diet (April 2006), Audrey Eyton’s F2 Diet (January 2006), The Chopstick Diet (November 2005), the Curves Diet (January 2004), the Bikini Blitz Diet (June 2003) the Mind over Matter Diet (January 2003) and the Little Black Dress Diet (December 2002)?

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