Thursday, April 26, 2007

How many more (times can we get away with writing this stuff?)

Some stuff, however, did make it in to the paper...



“Why was he free to kill?”
“Did campus gunman’s obsession with student spark massacre?”
“Did confusion and delay in raising the alarm cost lives as the timetable of horror unfolded?”
“How many more?”
– headlines in Daily Mail

“Yesterday morning, there were just a few shooters at the range set in the forests north of Blacksburg, but the empty cartridges littering the ground suggested this was a popular place. Did Cho Seung-Hui bring his weapons here to practise shooting and reloading – something at which he was obviously proficient? One can only speculate.”
- Andrew Buncombe, Independent
“The last mass shooting that was in any way comparable, at Columbine High School… It said something about American society - about the frustrations of suburban life, about the pressures to conform, about time, family life and the ruthless competition to ‘succeed’. It may be premature to conclude that any similar pressures lay behind yesterday's killing spree.”
- Leader, Independent
“None of that, of course, provides a motive for the shootings which appear to be entirely random.”
- Andrew Gumbel concludes 800 words of speculation as to the killer’s motives, Independent

“Further video footage emerges of Virginia killer talking about his imminent death.
- See the video
- 'You decided to spill my blood'
- Fears led college to commit gunman
- Blog: Should the video be shown?”
- front page of Guardian website

“The release of the photographs and footage, broadcast ceaselessly throughout yesterday and published in newspapers across the globe, was the perfect seal on his plan. But it must have been desperately wounding to those who lost loved ones in the carnage and mayhem that Cho inflicted. Police said they deeply regretted that the images were aired, and fellow students reacted with anger that he should be given precisely the platform of publicity that his crazed mind sought.”
- the Daily Mail, in a piece adjacent to six large pictures from the footage in question

“Grazia Insider: Virginia Tech students talk about the shooting massacre, plus get tickets for the Grazia/Armani makeover workshops”
- email newsletter from Grazia magazine

“I can't have been the only writer dismayed to learn that Cho Seung-Hui, the perpetrator of the Virginia Tech massacre, was a literature student.” – Blake Morrison, Guardian

“It was easy to overlook amid the Baghdad bombs and the Virginia shootings, but something else died this week. That something was New Labour. David Miliband’s decision not to run for the Labour leadership has finally pulled the plug on the machine Tony Blair and Pete Mandelson created in 1994.” – Martin Kettle, Guardian

“Comedy in a moment on BBC Three, but first a news minute about the worst campus massacre in US history.” – BBC announcer

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