Thursday, June 19, 2008

I don't know why that came into my head just then...

Gordon's got a new friend.

It was Big Willy time at Leicester Square in London last night for the premiere of WILL SMITH action flick Hancock.

It sounds like an event for Clapham Common but couldn’t have been a more cleancut affair when I met the Hollywood hero.

I had Tom Anderson from MySpace in the office the other day, who is officially the world’s most popular man with over 210million friends.

But Mr Smith could give him a run for his money judging by the turnout at the huge opening for this cracking film.

Will had a joke at my expense when I asked if he’d played footie with DAVID BECKHAM yet.

He said: "Football? I think you’ll find you mean soccer."

If he wasn’t such a nice bloke I would have shown Big Willy my two-footed tackle.

And - bless him - he's even started dressing like Craig from Hollyoaks.

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