Monday, June 02, 2008

That emo protest in full

Perhaps. But I for one still think there are unanswered questions about the link between MCR and autism.

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James said...

Looking at that photo, I've just realised the genius of this protest. Sure, it raised awareness of the Daily Mail's questionable reporting and showed that people won't stand for their sensationalist fearmongering and demonising. But best of all, it's provided a news story accompanied by endless pictures of teenage girls in short skirts, which the Daily Mail can't use. D'oh! A certain section of their readership will be disappointed; The Mail has become the authority on photo-exclusives of scantily-clad teens' disasterous Facebook parties and shocking exposes of the provocative images our daughters are putting on their MySpaces. And yet in a cruel twist of fate, the Mail's perfect story arrives on their own doorstep, but can't be printed without addressing the awkward issue of their reporting being called into question. Inspired...

I bet Dacre had the Photoshop guy working overtime on Sunday, trying to change all the placards to say 'Ban the BBC'.