Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Obviously I'd only go out with her if she's got a fit friend for you, mate...

The rather sweet friendship between the Sun's Gordon Smart and his deputy Pete Samson continues to blossom. Yesterday Gordon and Pete found some rudie pictures by the side of the railway line and Pete got an erection, yes you did, you totally did, don't lie, it was HILARIOUS.

Bizarre Deputy Editor Pete Samson clocked these pictures yesterday and asked the office if we had seen Abbey Clancey’s “fun suit”.

A confusion of “funbags” and “play suit” had occurred as his mind frantically tried to process the images without letting his obvious excitement get out of control.

The end result was embarrassing and fair punishment for trying to impress the girls with his fashion knowledge.

Tomorrow they plan to just fill the pages of Bizarre with big sketches of hairy willies and the headline "Smarty is a bender".

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