Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Reader feedback

Delighted as I am that Liz Jones noticed me flicking bogies in her direction:

A few weeks ago, Private Eye magazine wrote a piece about the amount I spend on clothes, and how my profligate, high-end spending not only ended my marriage (they wrote that I got divorced because my husband refused to spend more than £300 on my Christmas present), but also my friendships (I had written a piece about how my friend Lucy blows more than £400 a week on food for her four children, in which I commented: 'Why on earth doesn't she learn how to "make do"?').

The magazine pointed out that while criticising children for eating food, I had just spent £585 on a pair of silver leggings by Les Chiffoniers.

... I refuse to believe that it took someone as self-obsessed as her six bloody months to get round to reading something that featured her name.

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