Monday, September 15, 2008

A historic announcement

In October 2011, Private Eye will be 50. And we're going to be celebrating with a full, lavishly illustrated, no-holds-barred, warts-and-all, kiss-and-tell, filth-and-fury, rag-and-bone, cut-and-paste history of the magazine's five decades.

Guess which idiot they've commissioned to write it?

Look out for a sister blog to this one which should soon appear as part of the official Private Eye website, on which I'll be updating my mum, the three men and a dog that look at it on my progress, as well as appealing for memories, memorabilia, opinions, spare change, unwanted sandwiches etc. from readers along the way.

Plus throwing in the odd fact and figure to whet your appetite. Such as the fact that an undergraduate Ian Hislop was an extra in studio-destroying 1980 flop epic Heaven's Gate.


Rene said...


...Heaven's Gate, you say?

But in truth, it's all very exciting.

LF Barfe said...

Dear chap, the best of luck with this one, and you know I'll do whatever I can to help. The early 1990s South Bank Show on the Eye has yet to show up, but I know I recorded it, and I'm pretty convinced I never taped over it. Might require a trip to the loft.

Adam Macqueen said...

Then get ye aloft, young man...