Friday, September 05, 2008

This week's Friday treat

Courtesy of Viz, is a herd of fondly-remembered vibrating bum-faced goats.

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James said...

Huzzah! Did you ever see the Viz exhibition? It was held in a gallery somewhere in London, probably about ten years ago, and had some wonderful exhibits; Models, original strips, framed letters of complaint alongside their offending cartoons (and, in a couple of cases, the brilliant response strips, the best being 'DC Thompson the Humourless Scottish Git'), even an art student's project in which they created sculptures based on popular Profanisaurus phrases (a window with slices of beef hanging in front of it, etc).

Anyhow, one of my favourite exhibits was the Vibrating Bum-faced Goat ride. It was a coin-operated children's ride, badly charred around the seat, electronics exposed, with a chalk outline of a body on the ground beside it and all fenced off with police tape. Genius...