Friday, September 26, 2008

This week's Friday treat...

BOTH full sets of Horror top trumps.

SCREAM! As you look into the eyes, impractically large teeth and hitherto-unexpectedly lizardy visage of Death!
QUAKE! As you question why the Hangman is obviously Lon Chaney in the Phantom of the Opera, when the Phantom of the Opera isn't!
SHUDDER! At the fact that Venusian Death Cell is so blatantly a sea devil off of Doctor Who!
FINALLY RECOGNISE! The obscure Edgar Allen Poe reference on Prince of Darkness!
HOPE! You don't get landed with Man Eating Plant!
WONDER! What Kit Ward is doing these days and if he still tries to give away Dracula despite his 100 Horror Rating because he's scared he might climb out of the card and get him!

1 comment:

mj said...

Terrifying! Godzilla appears to be wearing a napkin?