Monday, September 22, 2008

The Independent on Sunday, now edited by Garry Bushell

Nice to see the home of the pink list giving it the old nudge, nudge in their media diary column yesterday...

Just the man for the job!

Eyebrows aloft at 'The Daily Telegraph', which for the first time in its history has a royal editor. The post is one traditionally only found among Fleet Street's red tops. The lucky debut incumbent is Andrew Pierce, the sociable former 'Times' and 'News of the World' scribe. Pierce is certainly the right man for the job: as he says, his knowledge of British queens is intimate.

Eh? Eh? Know warra'mean?

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Shaun said...

Andrew Brown has written of Simon Kelner having, "the largest collection of homophobic epithets I have ever heard from anyone—not just “sausage jockey”—but “the Lester Piggott of the chipolata circuit”. And that Alton is even worse.

What is this liberal media of which they speak, Adam?