Thursday, October 16, 2008

11th Doctor: shock casting news

Sod editing a national magazine. Never mind getting on the front page of the Times. Screw the publication of my first book. This is without doubt, and by a very long way, the most exciting thing that's ever happened in my career:

Oh, alright then. I'm going to be interviewed next month for a DVD extra, about dalek jokes and the Birtspeak column in Private Eye. But deep inside of me - right down near the magnetic core, pass the Slither and turn left - there's a five-year-old with a Playmobil-scale Tardis made out of an old milk carton and recurring nightmares about what happens at Mistfall on Alzarius - who is very, very, very happy indeed.


David said...

I've just finished re-reading Adam's biography of William Hesketh Lever. It's a great book about a very interesting man - I can highly recommend it.

Lever's most important legacy to the people of Bolton was Lever Park, an area of unspoilt countryside on the boundary between Bolton and Chorley.

Lever Park is currently being threatened by commercial development (a theme park attraction and a new car park).

If Adam will forgive the shameless plug, we have a website at

Your support would be very welcome!


David Pott
The Friends of Lever Park

mkII said...

Bring back Tom Baker.