Thursday, October 09, 2008

Week four, and the paint is probably best described as "tacky" to the touch

The Times kicked off a new series today: Damian Whitworth is going to try and not switch his central heating on until he, er, does.

"Follow Damian Whitworth's progress every week" it offers. I will - with fascination, because frankly, he's pushing it to try and get 600 words out of the topic today.

If anyone at the Times is interested, I've got a fascinating story of how I'm not planning to tidy up my shed any time soon. I reckon it would run to at least 52 installements, 500 words a time...


Rob said...

that sounds exciting!
*kills self*

Anonymous said...

I'd love to have been there when he pitched that one, although I suspect this is one of those gigs you only get if you are mates with the editor.