Friday, October 10, 2008

Polly Lingual

Sam Leith - lovely man, once assured me I wasn't the worst reporter ever to work on the Peterborough column on the Daily Telegraph - is that paper's literary editor, and a while back he cast a critical eye over Polly Toynbee's prose style.

Yes, it's a couple of weeks old, but it gives me the chance to -

a) point out that while Stephen Glover may have been the latest to join in "the new sport, common to all newspapers but her own, of juxtaposing what she wrote a year ago about Gordon Brown with what she writes these days", I did it before him, in the Eye.

b) share with you my favourite spiral of mixed metaphors, from the masterpiece that was Gina G's I Belong To You, released in 1996:

If I had wings
I could fly
Like a sweet song
That makes you cry
Like a river
To the sea
I hear you calling
Out to me.

Go on. Parse that any way you like, and see if you can work out what the hell she's on about...


LF Barfe said...

Sam Leith is living proof that you can rise to the top of your profession without being a cunt, isn't he? Obviously being John Junor's grandson won't have hurt him in his early days on the greasy pole, but he exudes good chapness, and that's quite rare in the upper echelons of the meejah.

Anonymous said...

Envy and regret. Those words sum up your blog (and your existence, it seems.) So why not rename your blog Envy And Regret?

Adam Macqueen said...

D'you know, anonymous lurker of the small hours, you've got me bang to rights. At heart I'm just desperate - desparate - to be Gina G.