Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Now that I'm back in the office, for the sake of completeness:

From Eye 1113, August 2004

Richard Desmond’s mission to conflate his Daily Express, Star and OK! magazine into three differently-designed versions of the same product may have run into problems with journalists (the Express sports desk is currently up in arms over his plan to force them to file copy for both papers), but it has given him enough bargaining power to sew up the market when it comes to Z-list celeb stories.

The £200,000 he spent on the two Big Brother contestants who had sex in the house gave him exclusive rights not just to their newspaper and magazine interviews, but also to TV appearances - hence the recent series of ubiquitous ads in which the two lovebirds pledge to tell all, “Only in OK!”. As a result Big Brother itself was contractually obliged not to show feature them in the same shot during the post-eviction interviews in the final week of the show - despite being the show that put them together and made them famous in the first place!

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