Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Plus the Eye's by now traditional round-up of summer paparazzi action:

As the ninth anniversary of the tabloids renouncing all paparazzi pictures in the wake of princess Diana’s death approaches, it is good to see that they are only breaking their promises when it is justified by a really vital news story.

So last week we learned that many celebrities like to wear swimming costumes when they are swimming (David Beckham, Sarah Harding, Madonna, Penelope Cruz, Gisele Bundchen and Frank Lampard in the Mail, Sun, Mirror, Express and Star); when not on the beach, they tend to choose clothing appropriate to the prevailing weather conditions (Sienna Miller in the Sun and Mirror, the Countess of Wessex and princess Louise in the Sun and Mail). When on honeymoon they tend to be accompanied by their wives (Ant and Lisa McPartlin, People); on holidays many take their children along as well (Thierry Henry in the Sun, John Terry in the Star). Couples sometimes kiss one another (Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy, Mail, Mirror, Sun; Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake, Mirror, Star; Nadine Coyle and Jesse Metcalfe, People, News of the World), while those who are single sometimes talk to members of the opposite sex (Jenson Button, Mirror, Express, Star and Sun, Jason Statham, Craig David, Star). Eating ice-cream is a popular seaside activity (Nancy Dell’Olio, Sun, Kerry Katona, News of the World). Sometimes they walk down the streets in which they live (Charlotte Church, Mail. Eva Longoria, Star) or streets near where they are staying on holiday (Posh and Becks, Sun); some have been known to visit shops (Prince Harry, Mail, Chelsy Davy, Star). Once they reach their fifties and sixties, celebrities tend to have less impressive physiques than they did when they were in their 20s (Jack Nicholson, Twiggy, Mail; Cheryl Ladd, Sunday Mirror). Some female celebrities may be pregnant, or possibly have just recently eaten (Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, Mirror, Express, Star).

The Pope’s religious affiliation is as yet unknown, but as soon as long-lens photographic evidence emerges, readers will be the first to know.

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