Tuesday, August 01, 2006

We'll kick off with this, from the last Eye (1163). It was the lead in the mag's HP SAUCE section:

The Labour party’s fightback against the cash-for-honours scandal came on the morning after Lord Levy’s arrest, with a full-page advert in the Times signed by such fine and upstanding luminaries as Eddie Izzard, Alex Ferguson Patrick Stewart and, er, Nicky Gavron, proclaiming that “we believe in a Britain where enterprise and aspiration are combined with fairness and social justice… that’s why we’re proud to help fund the Labour party.”

Top of the list was Simon Woodroffe, founder of the Yo! Sushi chain and a bona fide celeb thanks to his appearances on BBC2’s Dragon’s Den. Radio Five Live tracked him down that afternoon to talk about the advert.

Peter Allen (presenter): What was the point of doing it today? Was it deliberately chosen?
Woodroffe: I don’t know, I never heard that.
PA: Leaving aside the timing, you give money to the party, do you?
SW: I’ve never given any money to the party. I have it in my mind to do that, I haven’t as yet.
PA: Are you going to?
SW: You know, as time unfolds, all will become clear.
PA: Awaiting the right offer, are you?
SW: No, they gave me an OBE in the last Queen’s honours list. There was no negotiation involved, ha ha!
… PA: I’m interested to know you haven’t made one, because the press office of the Labour party seems to think you’ve given them a thousand quid. You really haven’t given them anything at all?
SW: As yet, no.

With PR as brilliant as that, the scandal is bound to be forgotten in no time!

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