Thursday, August 14, 2008

Standby to reverse ferret...

The Sun knew exactly what line to take on fit-up victim Colin Stagg's compensation payout this morning:

Fury erupted last night as wrongly-accused murder suspect Colin Stagg was awarded £706,000... Danny Biddle, 28, who lost his legs, an eye and spleen because of 7/7 but was awarded only £118,000, said: “Our system is disgraceful.”

Stagg’s compo is far above that of Rachel’s little son Alex, who witnessed the horrific murder.

And then came the reaction from readers on the paper's website:

People need to take a step back here this guy was not guilty... posted by [RolanTheRat]
This guys life was ruined, he deserves the payout posted by [Mark2805]
I cannot imagine how horrific it would be to spend even one ... posted by [Thrasymacus]
hey wait a minute this guy deserves even more than that like... posted by [makalugirl]
Yes the award given to Stagg is generous, to say the least, ... posted by [Jay_B]
Whats all the fuss about??..this guy has had his life ruined... posted by [tommyhanson]
in fact colin go and have a bloody good few lagers and live ... posted by [makalugirl]
Yeah, he deserves every penny. You cant compare this to the ... posted by [kenny26]
16 years of life ruined £706,000 divided by 16 £44,125... posted by [BigDave1971]
if it was a fit up by the old bill and he is definetly innoc... posted by [number0ne]
Colin Stagg was proved not guilty and is now according to hi... posted by [rogtann]
Rolan you are talking absolute nonsense. Ok so he was innoc... posted by [Robw548]
BigDave's right, the cops have ruined this guy's entire life... posted by [littlemermaidwoo]
I don't have a problem with Colin Stagg receiving that amoun... posted by [tillytuppence]
This is absolutely right. The poor lad spent a year in jail ... posted by [Evansdad]
the police got a bee in their bonnet over him,but because he... posted by [man2]
Bigdave1971 Well done and I totally agree posted by [smokeyboy157]
Robw548- this is gonna sound harsh but whilst I have the hug... posted by [mamamirabelle]
Where are the police officers who investigated this injustic... posted by [gsouness]
What is the problemin him receiving this payout. For a de... posted by [Huggy_Bear]

I wonder if Rebekah's already commissioned the "At home with poor Colin as he tries to rebuild his shattered life" piece?


James said...

They learnt their lesson from the whole 'Bonkers Bruno' farrago, then...

Is it me, or do a lot of Sun stories begin 'FURY erupted last night'? It must be terrifying in their offices after sunset, never knowing if fury was about to erupt. Still, at least they're genuine outpourings of fury. It's not as if the Sun decide to spice up a story by deliberately phoning up people who've suffered tragedies in the past and wound them up enough to elicit a suitably incendiary soundbite. That'd just be horrible.

Adam Macqueen said...

I picture Rebekah gathering her senior editorial staff about her - for some reason I'm thinking winged monkeys with the faces of Fergus Shanahan and Kelvin Mackenzie - and as thunder roars and lightning flashes over Wapping, screeching "AT MY SIGNAL, UNLEASH FURY!"

Madame Arcati said...
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Madame Arcati said...

The fury erupting "last night" might have been dampened at a stroke if papers like the Sun and Mail made a contribution to the £700k payout on the grounds that their prejudiced and prejudicial reporting of this case - see Barry George btw - added to the damage to Stagg's reputation and situation.

Madame Arcati said...
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James said...

I can certainly picture Rebekah like that - Worryingly quickly, actually.

"Our computer boffins mock up an image of what she might look like with a chimney on her"