Thursday, August 14, 2008

You know you are getting old when...

... the names of new Radio 1 DJs just start to look like spelling mistakes.

In other changes to the station's music output, which will come into effect in October, Kutski gets a new hard dance and hardcore show at 1am on Saturday morning.

Kutsi will be followed by another new show, 1Xtra DJ MistaJam's 1Xtra Mixtape, at 3am.

Kissy Sell Out, with a jump-up rock and rave show, replaces Halliwell at midnight on Thursdays, while newcomers Heidi Van den Amstel and Jaymo & Andy George join the rota of presenters on the In New DJs We Trust slot at 2am on Friday mornings.

You can, incidentally, date anyone by which DJs were on the front of their Which Way Now? booklet they were given by their careers teacher prior to choosing their GCSE/O-level options. Mine? Bruno Brookes and the Rankin' Miss P. Yours?

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James said...

Nicky Campbell and Lisa I'Anson, I think. Yes, Lisa I'Anson. At the most critical point in my life, the time when my entire future balanced on just a few key decisions, I was given career advice by someone whose claim to fame would be getting fired for not turning up to work through a gruelling two-hour shift.

Do you think I could sue the BBC for potential loss of earnings? I bet the Daily Mail would be interested.