Monday, March 30, 2009

-Ka-ka-ka-ka oh stop repeating yourself

Heck of a scoop in the Mail on Sunday yesterday about Ulrika Jonsson's affair with Prince Edward.

For the past 20 years she has resolutely refused to reveal the nature of their relationship. Now, Ms Jonsson has admitted she was romantically involved with the Prince. In an interview tonight with Mail on Sunday columnist Piers Morgan for his ITV chat show Life Stories, Ms Jonsson denies sleeping with the Queen’s youngest son.

Asked by Morgan: ‘Did you or did you not sleep with Prince Edward?’ she replies: ‘I did not sleep with Prince Edward.’

But she admits: ‘There were a few dates, a bit of a slap and tickle.’

But hang on, didn't she say something similar to the paper which seralised her autobiography way back in October 2002?

"She met Prince Edward through an old friend of his who worked at TVam, but they never actually slept together. "We did nigh on the full works,' she says, 'but absolutely not that, which was my decision. I just wasn't hugely attracted to him.'"

And which paper was that? Oh, yeah, that's right. The Mail on Sunday.

(I only remember this because it allowed me to get the phrase "gob jobs with Prince Edward" into Private Eye...)

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