Friday, February 08, 2008


From the Popbitch mailout this week

The ‘news in briefs’ column from page 3 in the Sun reports that Keeley, 21 from Bromley, is a strong supporter of the crackdown on MPs employing family members: “MPs should not be able to employ whoever they like and pay them as much as they want to. There has to be some kind of controls put in place.”
As usual, Keeley was snapped by Alison Webster, who takes all the photos for page 3. She is married to the Sun’s executive picture editor Geoff Webster, and they are the proud parents of Charlotte, who goes by the name of Jak, 21, from Tunbridge Wells, when she makes her own appearances on page 3.

Also in this week's Eye, the run-down of Fleet Street nepotism on page 5. That was me. My dad helped.

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