Thursday, February 14, 2008

Worst Feature Idea. Ever.

Seven years ago, when I was a commissioning editor, a young hackette pitched me the following feature idea:

"What about something on really bad things that have happened on Valentine's Day, eg St. Valentine's Day Massacre?"

I wrote back: "give me three others."

We never heard from her again.


JGS said...

Have you changed your mind about Max Gogarty, then?

Apologies if you've, like, actually checked this, but is he NOT the 19-year-old son of Paul Gogarty, who six years ago wrote about his 13-year-old son in The Guardian Travel section?

Poor kid, anyway.

Anonymous said...

The Guardian travel editor must have his facts wrong then:

Jan said...

Darn it, I was going to suggest Max Gogarty's travel blog as the worst feature idea ever. I am clearly SO two weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps she'll re-pitch the idea in light of yesterday's tragedy?