Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fish. And biscuits.

This from yesterday's Independent Media section, the inside front cover of which was entirely filled with a large advert for Five News, carrying the slogan "News With Personality".

Her editor, David Kermode, appears equally irritated by the distraction of the chatter over Kaplinsky in denim. "The personality thing is a marketing slogan. In terms of a news programme, Natasha would have no desire to have her personality stamped all over the news and I have no desire for anybody's personality to be stamped all over the news, either."

In the light of this new approach to journalism, I'm adopting a new marketing slogan for this blog, "Everything that's hot about tropical fish and biscuits". There won't actually be anything about tropical fish or biscuits in the blog, but sod it, it might boost the numbers by pulling in a few readers from Practical Aquarium and nicecupofteaandasitdown.com.

As for the show itself... search me. I don't watch TV news bulletins. That elusive 25-34 year old audience you see...

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