Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Vic Reeves versus Sharon Osbourne


And when was it that the Osbournes were a new and exciting thing to watch on telly again? 2001?


LF Barfe said...

My abiding memory of the 1989 Brits was the following exchange -

Mick Fleetwood: Well, Sam. I have to say you're looking really stunning tonight.
Samantha Fox: Oh, Mick, you're just saying that.
MF: Well, that's right.

As for tonight, I caught a bit of the pre-show on ITV2, and they dipped the sound during one bit where the Osbournes were talking, with a 'SOUND MUTED' caption on screen. When it came back, the presenter suggested that they should apologise, but Sharon indicated she had no intention of doing so. What was going on there, then?

Adam Macqueen said...

During the show itself, they slowed her down when she started swearing, making her sound like she'd been possessed by demons. It was easily the best bit.

LF Barfe said...

I noticed that too, although they didn't munge her shouting 'Piss off you pisshead' at Vic Reeves, who was the funniest thing about the whole sorry affair - "Well, we've all had a nice pie and peas supper...".

On the credits, it said the producer was Helen Terry. As in the ex-Culture Club backing singer?

Adam Macqueen said...

The very same. Interview with her in Independent on Monday...

Madame Arcati said...

Brits losers were told day before the awards despite the phone votes. Funny that.