Friday, February 29, 2008

too bloody subtle, that's our problem...

From Popbitch mailout 368, last autumn:

>> Big Questions <<
What people are asking this week

Which well-connected public school boy is
finally flying off for his gap year travels,
after having to abandon his previous plans for
a trip to the sun with his mates? He's no longer
so keen on exploring the desert in a tank; his
old narcotic enthusiasm may be much better
served cleaning up the poppy fields.

From the Telegraph this morning...

Australian magazine broke Harry story... The story was then picked up by a German newspaper and, yesterday, the US-based Drudge Report website, triggering world wide interest.

Tch. Doesn't he look buffty in his uniform though?

Mind you, weren't the MOD forward-thinking in having all those packages of photos, video and interviews ready for immediate release to the media five weeks ahead of schedule?


bigginger said...

And who says they did? Plenty of crew out there who will have been gathering the stuff and not broadcasting it

Adam Macqueen said...

You're quite right, bro. For slightly more coherent thoughts, see today's post (4th March)